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Services & Fees



Our core activities have a price range of £40 to £45 per hour (exc VAT); great value as many Accountancy & Tax Professionals charge over £100 per hour for the levels of service that we provide.

We invoice by the hour so our clients can see what they are paying for in terms of time and task.

We are low cost & we will provide you with an excellent service.

Our typical hourly rates for accountancy works are as follows:

Limited Company : £45 per hour (exc VAT) 

Self Assessment/ Sole Trader: £40 per hour (exc VAT)

Our Services:

  • Limited Company Accounts: Trial Balance, Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet
  • Self Assessment / Sole Trader Accounts
  • VAT Management
  • Filing of Statutory Accounts to HMRC and Companies House
  • Property Accountancy
  • Management Accountancy: Budgets, Forecasts & Supplementary Reports
  • Company Formation, Maintenance and Dissolution
  • Exchequer: Purchase & Sales Ledgers and Capital Management
  • HMRC/ Taxation & Companies House Advice & Planning


We action Payrolls for Directors pcm who pay themselves up to the Tax / NI thresholds, which encompasses the majority of our clients,

We also have a Payroll partner that can assist non-Directors with full support and guidance from us can be provided

Limited Company average prices (exc VAT) per year are as follows:

Standard Accounts = Bank Reconciliation, Compliance & Annual Accounts - £450

Director's Payroll & 'Standard Accounts' - £650

VAT & 'Standard Accounts' - £650
Director's Payroll, Quarterly VAT & 'Standard Accounts' - £900

Bookkeeping & 'Standard Accounts' - £650
Bookkeeping, VAT & 'Standard Accounts' -  £800
Bookkeeping, Monthly Director's Payroll & 'Standard Accounts' - £850 
Bookkeeping, VAT, Monthly Director's Payroll & 'Standard Accounts' - £1000

Company Formation & Set-up: HMRC, Companies House & Customised Accounting Working Papers - £150

Self Assessment average prices (exc VAT) per year are as follows:

Self Assessment Accounts with various elements; non Sole Trader - £200
Self Assessment Accounts with various elements for Company Directors - £200

Sole Trader Accounts non-Bookkeeping & Self Assessment Accounts - £250
Sole Trader Accounts, Bookkeeping & Self Assessment Accounts - £450
Sole Trader Accounts, Bookkeeping, VAT & Self Assessment Accounts - £600

Please Note:
- Hourly rates are charged per 30 minutes e.g Query replies and phone calls.
- Certain Excel & PDF documents, such as Annual Accountancy files, are chargeable per annum based on creation time & value.
- Costs incurred will be recharged fairly to clients e.g Software, Travel & Other Costs associated with actioning the accounts
- We are accountants and tax advisers but not financial advisers therefore we do not offer financial advice outside of our area of expertise, but opinions. Decisions are fully made by our clients on such matters.

Privacy Policy: 
- We never share data with any persons or organisations outside of HMRC or Companies House without our clients consent.
- No third parties process any of the data we hold; all data is managed and stored, securely, in-house.
- Clients can ask to obtain all records that we have on file at any time.
- Clients are free to ask us to delete any records at any time, which we would action in full, with hard documents shredded and IT items wiped from all drives and cloud devices.